Motor Trend Magazine pulls out all the stops by lining up eleven of the world’s fastest road cars at wide open airstrip. See the quarter mile showdown of the Audi R8 GT, BMW 1 M, Chevy Corvette Z06, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ford Mustang Boss 302, Lexus LFA, Lotus Evora S, Mercedes SLS AMG, Nissan GT-R, Porsche Cayman R and Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Read more

They say “old habits die hard” and nothing affirms this adage more than the myth that you must change your oil every 3000 miles. California state officials have launched a campaign to spread the word that this service interval is far too premature for most any car. With modern manufacturer-recommended drain intervals ranging from 7500 to 15000 miles, millions of gallons of waste oil is needlessly being generated. Read more

AMSOIL has discontinued the 15W-40 Synthetic Blend Diesel Engine Oil (product code: PCO). “PCO” became redundant earlier this year when the OE 15W-40 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil was introduced. AMSOIL OE 15W-40 is value-priced and meets the latest API CJ-4 specification, making it suitable for late model and as well as older diesel applications. Remaining stocks of the Synthetic Blend 15W-40 will be available at a reduced price. Feel free to contact us for more information.

AMSOIL has released a revised shipping rate schedule that will come into effect on January 1st, 2012. Rates for some regions are up while others are actually lower. These rates should be helpful in determining shipping costs in advance of ordering. Remote areas still may subject to extra fees. Feel free to contact us with for a shipping quote to be certain. AMSOIL Canada Shipping Rates for 2012.

A chic new motorcycle concept from Yamaha had the Tokyo Motor Show all abuzz. The Yamaha Y125 Moegi is a lightweight offering for the Japanese urban set with an emphasis on style and fuel economy. Read more

Are you you looking for an INJEN Performance Air Intake System or replacement parts for an existing system? As AMSOIL has discontinued offering INJEN products, we no longer offer new systems or replacement elements.  Canadian customers may be interested in two authorized dealers that should be able to help. Read more

Fuel consumption test shows that AMSOIL synthetic lubricants improve fuel economy over conventional lubricants.

AMSOIL recently conducted a field study using two diesel trucks from Ford Motor Company’s fleet. The objective was to determine if AMSOIL synthetic lubricants installed in the engine, transmission and differentials could improve fuel economy over conventional lubricants in controlled testing. Read more