We’ve posted a new article by Ed Newman on the main site entitled Lubes and Additives: It’s All in the Mix. Mr. Newman is AMSOIL’s Director of Advertising and is also a renowned writer in the motor oil industry. He has been writing informative and entertaining articles for leading industry publications such as National Oil & Lube News, Lubes’n’Greases Magazine (among others) for several years. In this article, Mr. Newman illustrates the difficulty in balancing the proper additive package mix in a modern motor oil.



Most consider the main benefits of AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost to be its ability to lower engine operating temps and fight corrosion. But an equally interesting upside to this product is its ability to drastically hasten engine warm-up times in cold weather by up to 45%. Read more

Round two of the 2010-11 ISOC/AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series takes place in Fargo, ND on Friday and Saturday. Watch live streaming action of the Dakota Magic Casino Fargo National right here. Read more

Back in mid-2009, AMSOIL discontinued recommending their EaO oil filters for many Toyota/Lexus applications, as some of these engines were prone to sludge formation. Ultimately some EaO filters were pulled and replaced with WIX or Mann filters until they could get a handle on the situation. Simply put, AMSOIL could not market filters labeled for 25000 mile service intervals in vehicles that were prone to sludge. AMSOIL has now taken 11 smaller Ea filters that are and re-released them as “Ea15K”. Read more

Did you know that the freezing point of propylene glycol antifreeze/coolant cannot be tested with standard coolant testers designed for ethylene glycol? Ethylene glycol testers will not deliver readings for propylene glycol formulations. Read more