As many of you may have noted, the antiquated notion of the 3000 mile (5000KM) oil change is slowly disappearing. While AMSOIL invented the “extended drain interval” concept back in 1972, improved oil and vehicle technology has finally brought the automotive market in their direction, more than a generation later. Read more

Of course not, but one often hears people remark how cars from yesteryear were built much more solidly than the “plastic” new cars of today. Yes the old ones were heavy and yes there was lot’s of chrome, but I think we all know that today’s cars are infinitely safer. The US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) commemorated its 50th anniversary by illustrating just how far auto safety has come in the last 50 years. Read more

Independent testing conducted by the Institute of Materials (IOM), shows that 16 percent of engine oils claiming to meet the American Petroleum Institute (API) “SM” specification, in actuality do not. Read more