Moisture can make its way into engines any number of ways, but the end result can be lubricant breakdown, corrosion and even accelerated wear. AMSOIL has published a technical service bulletin which outlines acceptable water content limits in engine oils. Read more

AMSOIL-sponsored Superbike racer Marcel Irnie recently produced two racing videos from round 6 of the WMRRA series at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington. Marcel raced hard during this event and the videos are terrific as usual. He interspersed the racing action with scenes from this summer’s Centre of Gravity festival in Kelowna. This is an annual sports and entertainment event. Marcel displayed his bikes and also performed some burnouts for the crowd. Read more

Yahoo Autos has published two articles that are somewhat related. The first covers features that they believe all cars should have today and second touts important technological advances that are right around the corner. Read more

To say that Marcel Irnie had an eventful time at the Parts Canada Superbike Championship double-header at the Mosport International Raceway last month would be a huge understatement. Read more

AMSOIL has revised a technical service bulletin defining changes to the DIN 51517 industrial gear oil standard. This standard offers specific performance guidelines for industrial gear oils. Read more

AMSOIL has added a new vehicular natural gas engine oil to the product line. They have also distinguished the previous Synthetic Natural Gas Engine Oil SAE (20W) 40 (ANG) as a strictly stationary product. The new product is called AMSOIL Vehicular Natural Gas Engine Oil (ANGV) and the stationary product is now known as AMSOIL Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil (ANGS). Read more

AMSOIL has updated their oil recommendation bulletin for all for all Harley-Davidson models dating from 1929 to present. Read more