AMSOIL-sponsored motorcycle road racer Marcel Irnie of Kelowna BC recently attended a two day event at Pacific Raceways in Washington state. As usual he produced an HD video of his weekend, including some spectacular on-board footage. Read more

In the last year, AMSOIL has issued two technical service bulletins recommending that motorists change their EAO oil filters at the OEM-recommended service interval. Read more

We are giving away a case of 12 US quarts of the AMSOIL motor oil of your choice and it’s easy to enter. Simply follow us on Facebook or Twitter. It’s that easy! Read more

Motor oil consumption is a relatively common problem, but the reason behind disappearing oil is can be one of many. Read more

When we hear the term “snake oil”, the very, VERY first thing that comes to mind are aftermarket-engine oil additives. Yes they have dazzling marketing campaigns and perhaps your uncle swears by them, but virtually every last one of them is a total ripoff. Read more

When shopping for a new or used vehicle, naturally one will always take the prospective car or truck for a test drive. But are we always prepared for this test drive? Are we acutely aware of what to look for and what to listen to? Going into a test drive without a focus can leave one in a very vulnerable position as even the best consumer can be romanced by shiny paint. Read more