Bob Teague’s AMSOIL Offshore Racing Team recently saw firsthand how well AMSOIL products are protecting their engines. During the 2009 season, the team clocked over 3000 miles of racing and testing, using only AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic 15W-50 Racing Oil. Read more

As automobile technology is evolving rapidly, so too is transmission design. AMSOIL Inc. has produced an educational new Voice-over Powerpoint presentation on Future Trends in Transmission Design. Read more

If you are looking for the best possible tires for your sport motorcycle at a fraction of the prices charged by dealers, we may have a deal for you. Parts Canada National Superbike racer, Marcel Irnie has started a venture called DOT Takeoffs. Read more

When buying new tires, can you be sure that the tires being sold are actually “new”? A couple of years ago, we posted an ABC News story on aged tires. The crux of the report was that tires can remain stocked in tire stores for many years and eventually be sold as new. Read more

Owners of certain 2004 and newer Toyota vehicles requiring the “WS” automatic transmission fluid spec should heed serious warnings about using aftermarket shops to service and refill their transmissions. Read more