For the past few months, AMSOIL has had an interim discount program in place to compensate Canadian customers for the strong performance of the Canadian dollar versus the US dollar. Read more

Toyota owners are inundating their dealers with calls wondering if their vehicles are safe to drive in light of the latest Mass Recall of Some Toyota Vehicles for Sticking Accelerator Pedals. Read more

AMSOIL has been working hard to bolster their brand in the motorcycle industry by sponsoring legendary bike events like Daytona and Sturgis. This trend continues as they are now the official oil of North America’s third largest rally. Read more

While motorcycle season may be a few months away, many of you are probably dreaming about the open road. It seems like a good time to discuss a concept that was related to us last year. One of our motorcycle oil customers told us about the virtues of a product called the Rogue Chopper Scavenger System. Read more

Over the past couple of years, you may have noticed that many tire and repair shops have been offering nitrogen-fills for tires, rather than simple compressed air. Perhaps a service manager made a persuasive case as to why you should convert your tires over from plain old compressed air. Let’s look at the nuts and bolts of this concept. Read more

Last year, AMSOIL issued a technical service bulletin stating that they were no longer recommending their EAO oil filters in Toyota, Lexus or Scion engines. Read more

Monster Energy/Toyota Motorsports/Amsoil sponsored off-road truck racer Johnny Greaves recently set a new 2WD distance truck jumping record which will be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Read more

We no longer carry the NGK Power Cable spark plug wires. We still offer the remainder of the NGK Spark Plug and Plug Wire lineup for most foreign and domestic applications.