We’ve posted videos by motorcycle road racer/filmmaker Marcel Irnie before which have generally chronicled his exploits in the Parts Canada Superbike Series. This time around, Marcel has made a snowmobile video. Over Christmas, Banner Recreational Products of Kelowna lent Irnie a 2009 Ski-Doo Summit 800R. Read more

AMSOIL has produced a new video demonstrating the “pound-out” resistance of AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease. As there is no ASTM test for pound-out resistance, the company developed their own testing apparatus: the AMSOIL Grease Impact Simulator. Read more

Every so often, perhaps your car makes a noise that you can’t identify, but you hope goes away. Often times, this is wishful thinking. A recent article at Yahoo Autos called 16 Costly Car Noises gives the possible sources of these clunks, knocks, hisses, hums, rattles and squeals. Wishing them away or ignoring them altogether is never a good policy. There are certain noises that should not be avoided. Noises that could potentially cause greater damage if ignored or even compromise the safety of your vehicle.

While it may be rare, accidents caused by stuck accelerator pedals do happen. Sixteen deaths and over 200 accidents have been reported due to the recent Toyota/floor mat issue alone. If one ever has the misfortune of being behind the wheel of a runaway car, maintaining composure and taking just a few simple steps can avert catastrophe. Read more

We recently posted an article by Ed Newman called FAQ: Synthetics which covers some of the most common questions people have regarding synthetic motor oil. Read more

Veteran automotive journalist Jim Kenzie always delivers entertaining and informative work, but his recent column listing his 10 Dumbest Options for Your Car should be read by every car buyer. I especially concur with his thoughts on fog lamps, undercoating and remote car starters.