For years, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), the makers of Ski-Doo snowmobiles and Can-Am ATV’s, have threatened withhold warranty coverage from users that did not use BRP branded lubricants. Dealers and the wordings in owner’s manuals basically threatened to void warranties if aftermarket lubricants were used. Read more

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery Emergency Fuel Treatment is now available 55 US gallon (208 litre) drums. Diesel Recovery is also available in 30 oz (888ml) and 1 US gallon (3.78L) containers. This product was designed as an emergency diesel fuel treatment dissolves gelled fuel and and thaws frozen filters when a vehicle becomes disabled. Read more

Cold weather has a funny way of exploiting the mechanical weaknesses of a vehicle. The deficiencies of conventional lubricants, poor tires and weak batteries are suddenly brought to the fore as the temperature drops. Old man winter preys on the unprepared and delivers a harsh punishment to those who haven’t had the foresight to winterize their vehicles and equipment. Read more