Again due to the strong Canadian dollar, the 8% currency exchange discount that was implemented by AMSOIL in October will continue through November. Read more

AMSOIL-sponsored motorcycle road racer Marcel Irnie spent 6 weeks out east in the latter part of the summer to compete in the final two rounds of the Armour Bodies Amateur Sport Bike class of the Parts Canada Superbike Series. Read more

As winter rapidly approaches, now is the time to prepare those summer toys and equipment for storage. A new article on the main site called Preparing Equipment for Long-Term Storage goes over the vital steps you need to take before parking those motorcycles, ATV’s, boats, lawn equipment, etc for the last time this year. The main emphasis of the article is on pre-storage fuel system maintenance. Also included are a few extra tips that may be effective at keeping machinery running strong next year. Just because a machine starts and runs well now, doesn’t mean that it will do so next season. Hibernation is not necessarily good for engines.

AMSOIL has released a new high-moly-synthetic grease for heavy duty equipment used in the most extreme applications imaginable. The AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Off‐Road Grease boasts a very high moly content for maximum wear protection to meet Caterpillar’s requirement for pin and bushing applications. Read more

Due to the recent strong performance of the Canadian dollar, AMSOIL will be discounting all products by 8% effective October 1st. Read more